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Client Solutions collaborates with customers to accelerate business transformation with solutions that leverage the latest technology to ensure businesses gain maximum value.

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Direct Employment
Direct Employment
We offer direct employment referral solutions for an affordable one-off agency fee.
Labor Dispatch
Labor Dispatch
We offer labor dispatch solutions for clients that wants a stress-free employment process, which enable them to save time and money. Labor dispatch is aconcept of having us hire and manage candidates on the clients’ behalf.
Working Visa Application (Z-Visa, Foreigner Work Permit)
Working Visa Application (Z-Visa, Foreigner Work Permit)
We offer working visa application services for qualified foreign candidates working in China.
Teaching Certification
Teaching Certification
We offer “TEFL-Teaching English as Foreign Language” at a discounted rate, affiliated partner of "ITTT-International TEFL and TESOL Training".
How to Work

Quality Assurance

Screening Standards
  • Background Check
  • Character Traits
  • Teaching Experiences
Extensive Training
  • People Skills & Techniques
  • Professionalism & Responsibility
  • Ability to Cope
Assessment & Tracking
  • Teaching Quality
  • Client’s Feedback
How to Work

Precision Matching

Employer Requirements
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Conference Interviewing
Employment Processing
  • Contract Confirmation
  • Visa Application
Probation Period
  • Teaching Training
  • Ability Evaluation
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